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Wedding Invitation - Playful Brides - 10 x 10 cm


EUR 6,20 - EUR 15,30

inkl. USt. zzgl. Versandkosten


Anzahl Einzelpreis Ersparnis
20-29 EUR 15,30
30-39 EUR 12,50 -18.3 %
40-49 EUR 10,30 -32.7 %
50-59 EUR 9,40 -38.6 %
60-69 EUR 8,10 -47.1 %
70-79 EUR 7,70 -49.7 %
80-89 EUR 7,40 -51.6 %
90-99 EUR 6,40 -58.2 %
>= 100 EUR 6,20 -59.5 %

Art.Nr. 050020101

Lieferzeit 4-10 Werktage

Wedding Invitation - Playful Brides - 10 x 10 cm

A jocular, colourful but nevertheless elegant wedding invitation card.

The cover is made of high quality offset printed linen paper and illustrated with the happy grooms holding hands.One of them is holding fuchsia flowers. Below is the lettering "We're getting married!" in black colour.

The inside of the card features a folded sheet, three pages of which are imprinted. A fuchsia coloured ribbon attaches the sheet to the card and ornaments it. The text to be printed on the card will be custimized according to your personal data (names, date, location, slogan/quotation). Before printing the card, I will send it to you in digital form and as soon as I get you OK, I will start with the production.

The last picture shows all three sizes, on the left 10 x 15 cm, in the centre 15 x 15 cm and and on the right hand side 10 x 10 cm.

The price above refers to a 10 x 10 cm card and the purchasing quantity of 125 cards. The minumum purchasing quantity is 12 cards.

- 12 cards or more: €3,50 per card
- 25 cards or more: €3,40 per card
- 50 cards or more: €3,30 per card
- 75 cards or more: €3,20 per card
- 100 cards or more: €3,10 per card
- 125 cards or more: €3,00 per card

The price will be calculated after the purchase.

I also offer white or fuchsia envelopes that fit the cards perfectly. The envelopes are €0,50 apiece. If you wish to order some, write me how many you want when purchasing the cards.
The shipping costs for the cards, as well as all the other square varieties are €1,45 within Germany.

Ribbons and folded sheets are available in a variety of different colours, so you can choose the colours you like and further customize the card.

Please note that the delivery time depends on how much orders I have at that moment. Thus, take into account that the production can take a few days since I produce all my cards manually.

The shipping costs depend on the number of cards ordered. I always charge the lowest costs possible. Usually, I ship the products by registered mail.

I also offer thank you cards, wedding ceremony programs, menu cards, place cards/escort cards and guest books in the "playful bride and groom" - design. You can customize the guestbooks according to their size, number of pages and colourway. Just browse my shop or contact me. I will be happy to help you.

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