About us

Why is my label called “Leo & Life“?

This is easy to explain. My tomcat “Leo” has accompanied me for years and is purring calmly even when I am totally stressed out with work. He is a very demanding, determined and curious creature – characteristics that can also be ascribed to me and “Leo & Life”. Naturally Leo had to be the inspiration for my label’s name.

The second part of the name was also clear right at the beginning. My work deals with the most beautiful moments in life: young couples go down the aisle, families welcome a new member or gather shared vacation memories. I am allowed to accompany all these moments with my work. That is why I love what I am doing. Frankly, is there anything more exciting in life?

A Life for Art

Since I was able to think, creativity has been part of my life. When I was a child I made music, but decided for pencil and paper as a teenager. Ever since, drawing and painting has been a guiding thread throughout my life. I supplemented my pocket money with painting portraits, got a degree in art at the University of Osnabrück and got fascinated by bookbindery, analog photography and printed graphic work. If, by the way, you are curious about the art I have made I invite you to browse my art-homepage www.nadeshdahorte.com. On the side, I designed guestbooks, cards and stationary. The first drafts were created back then. By and by this work started to be great fun and the wish was born to turn this part time work into a full time job.

I am looking forward to the new and exciting path with “Leo & Life”!